Vending machines

Our vending machines have been worked out by the most famous European manufacturer, by which they adapt perfectly to the needs of the Hungarian market.

CAFÉ S – the wide variety of fine hot drinks

  • Coffee, Mocca, Cappuccino, Hot chocolate, Hot cream chocolate, Lemon Tea.
  • optimal offer of hot drinks in balance with your needs
  • High quality drinks, the wide variety of fine drinks
  • choose product with pressing one button,
  • quick service
  • you can change the plastic cup to your own mug to safe the environment
  • elegant design, illuinated front panel
  • built-in chip-key system
  • Euro-complaint

Rich range of products:

From coffee and espresso to the particulas specialities, like the Italian cappucino and Café au Lait, our customers can choose from a wide variaty of delicious products.

Easy operation:

The clear and easy to use push-button keypad allows the customer to make the machine easy and convenient to operate.

Payment systems:

The machine is suitable for installing an automatic money detector according to the European standards. It is also suitable for intalling a cash spearing system. In case of overpayment, the machine gives back the change to the customer.


Our frequent service of the machines garantees you the constant availability of them. The qualified techniciants of the company can fix any potential errors within a short period of time. In case of any significant errors for the time of the repairation we provide a machine to replace the broken one.


The usage of high quality and monitored components is one of the most important guarantees of the operation of quality equipements. The high quality water filter equipments built in our machines guarantee the safe operation of the machines and the always available appropriate amount of clear, fresh, healthy and safely cooled water and soda.