Description of the service

Our hot dishes mean solution for eating at work. Costumers can choose from a menu, all dishes are produced locally and our staff is very polite.

We do not repeat our menu for 6 week, we strive for variety. The menus are made by well-trained professionals according to the modern principles of nutritions and the seasonal variations. Our aim is diversity.

We often give a taste from the dishes of international cuisine to our guests.

We do our administrative job with a computer system worked out by a unique and special company.

All of our raw material suppliers have a HACCP quality ensurance system As the result of several years of experience and co-operation our services are fast, high quality, reliable and correct.

We put a great emphasis on modern feeding so our dishes are made with selected raw materials, do not contain fat and harmful substances.

We cuntinuously improve our menu, raw material, color, and taste as well as the diversification of food preparation technology.

Our company gives out a survey about guest satisfaction twice a year. We change our operation strategy according to the survey results. We ensure aesthetic and representative work clothes to our employees, which is the base of a civilized, clean look. All of our employees must wear their work clothes and strictly use the protective eqiupments.

Proactive cooperation in the procedure of servicing, from planing until operation (participation even at the investments in kitchen technologies).

Designing and individual physiognomy, putting a great emphasis on creating a nice and cozy environment.

Support of paying with entry cards- a service that spares cash

Buffet :

  • Bakery
  • Sandwiches
  • Hambugers, gyros, toasts
  • Salad bar (pre-prepared, cold)
  • dairy products
  • Beverages, non-alcoholic drinks
  • Fruits
  • Cakes
  • Other products (eg, paper handkerchiefs)